Warming pillow | Minina the cat | standing | small

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  • Warming pillow for babies
  • Keeps you warm for 30 minutes
  • May be heated in a microwave or oven

100 % polyester (Fleece)
100 % wheat (organic*, Germany)
Control Body Number
Made in
European Union
ca. 17 x 15 x 4 cm


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Minina the cat | small

In a small shop, Minina the kitten plays in an empty box in the middle of a colourful display. She is often met with expressions of wonderment from the children who go shopping with their parents.

Ears pricked, Minina the kitten listens from her packaging for the children who pass each day. She is waiting for someone who wants a companion to warm and comfort them on long outings in the buggy.

Useful information
Leschi warming pillows are renowned for a number of splendid features:
  • Snugly warm for cuddly moments when it’s cold and grey outside
  • Soothing against belly pain or colds
  • Calming sleeping aid for children (at home or in the pram)
  • Ideal for pre-warming children’s beds
  • Produced in accordance with EU guideline (EN-71) on toy safety
  • Designed in Berlin, produced in Europe
General information

Q: How old can my Leschi become?
A: About 5 years and older.

Q: Why is my Leschi slightly damp after heating?
A: This is a positive sign that the organic wheat seeds inside are functioning properly by releasing moisture. The pillow dries within only two minutes.

Q: What does my Leschi smell of after heating?
A: The organic wheat filling develops a pleasant fragrance, reminiscent of a harvest on a flowery summer meadow or of freshly baked bread.

Tips for heating
Leschi warming pillows are heated quickly and store heat superbly.

Q: How can I heat my Leschi?
A: In the microwave and the oven.

Q: How long does it take to heat up my Leschi?
A: 2 mins at 300 W in the microwave, 15 mins at 100 °C in the oven.

Q: How long does my Leschi stay warm?
A: For about 30 minutes.

Care instructions
If your Leschi gets a little dirty, simply rub with a damp sponge and allow to dry.

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