About the life of the Leschi animals

With the products from Leschi such as warming pillows, eye masks, neck pillows, travel pillows, egg warmers and much more, you can make yourself at home even cosier.
The Leschi design house is based in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district and develops products to warm both the body and heart. Leschi designs cuddly pets for every situation.

New discovery: Cuddly cushion | Wang the panda

Wang the panda is a very serene animal, whose slow movements are barely visible to the naked eye. For this reason, if you watch the panda it seems as if he doesn’t move for days. In fact, when he finds a suitable to sleep, he just rolls very slowly into it.

In places where people settle, you’ll likely find Wang the panda on beds and sofas. Such places are ideally suited for him to take a rest, when everyone is welcome to peacefully relax alongside him.

The most popular animals in the Leschi herd

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