About the life of Leschi pandas

Bao the panda and his fellows are very rare on our streets because they prefer to sit on the top of a mountain and chew peacefully on bamboo. If, however, you have the luck to come across one, you’ll be sure to recognise him by his smile straightaway.

A Leschi panda always has a relaxed smile on his face. It’s still there when he climbs onto your tummy with his fluffy fur to spend some time. And he’ll share it with you while giving you some of his pleasant warmth.

Warming pillow | Bao the panda: the video

The most popular animals in the Leschi herd

With the products from Leschi such as warming pillows, eye masks, neck pillows, travel pillows, egg warmers and much more, you can make yourself at home even cosier.
The Leschi design house is based in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district and develops products to warm both the body and heart. Leschi designs cuddly pets for every situation.

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