A loyal companion | Bobby the dog

Bobby the dog has a distinctive feeling when it comes to finding tense muscles. While tracking them down, he just closes his eyes and lets his fine nose do all the work.

It takes no time at all for Bobby the dog to sniff his way to a comfortable place on your shoulder – he knows where you’re in need of some warmth. Once he’s settled down there, he’ll radiate with a warm glow and help you to relax.

The latest member of the Leschi family: Back warmer | Joaquín the parrot

Leschi parrots fly majestically in dizzying heights over tropical rainforests. When the wind is particularly favourable, they can nearly cover Olympic distances which sometimes brings individual birds right into our latitudes.

After a long flight, Joaquin the parrot enjoys stretching out for a long rest. That’s why he lands gently on your back and, unfolding his cuddly soft wings, completely embraces your hips. In the twinkling of an eye, the warmth of his wings spreads over your belly and lower back. What a cosy feeling!

The most popular animals in the Leschi herd

With the products from Leschi such as warming pillows, eye masks, neck pillows, travel pillows, egg warmers and much more, you can make yourself at home even cosier.
The Leschi design house is based in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district and develops products to warm both the body and heart. Leschi designs cuddly pets for every situation.